Reserve your Spot! 

 Reserve your Spot! 
  Think Big & Level Up!!!

MEGA MEDIA EVENT 6.0 sign-up Now!
$300 OFF for the First 10 sign-up

 June 1-2 MME 6.0, June 3rd (public Dent Meet Up) 
 2120 W. Mission Rd., #240
Escondido, CA 92029

MEGA MEDIA EVENT 6.0 sign-up Now!
$300 OFF for the First 10 sign-up

 June 1-2 MME 6.0, June 3rd (public Dent Meet Up) 
 2120 W. Mission Rd., #240
Escondido, CA 92029


READY TO THINK BIG?  Invest In YOUR Business!


Limited Seating

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Myke Toledo 

PDR Marketing - Social Media Expert

Mary Toledo

Business Growth Guru (Expert)
$300 OFF for the FIRST 10 SIGN-UPS
“Make up your mind to act decidedly and take the consequences. No good is ever done in this world by hesitation.” ~ Thomas Huxley

"Taught from REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE with a PROVEN PROCESS that you will see that WORKS FOR YOU TOO!"

Join us at the Mega Media Event 6.0 on June 1-2 and a public Tech Meetup on Saturday, June 3rd, in sunny San Diego! 

Our workshops will elevate your PDR business and Social Media presence for your Marketing. Learn how to create captivating videos, effective scripting, maximize your earnings, and confidently approach clients. 

Our streamlined Social Media calendar will help you stay focused and never run out of content!  In addition, renowned photographer David Ricketts will take your Social Media profiles to the Next Level! 

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to Level Up your business and your Social Media Marketing. Register now! What are you waiting for?

Get Ready for an Explosive Learning Experience!

  • ​Time to Level Up your Business Brand
  • ​Our workshops will transform your PDR business and Social Media presence
  • ​Learn how to create captivating videos that "Stop The Scroll" (Edit like a Pro)
  • ​Maximize your Insurance Estimate by Dent Ops
  • ​Guide to Successful Growth Marketing (In Depth)
  • ​Approach insurance claims w/confidence by learning how to work with Insurance Companies
  • Streamlined social media calendar to help you stay focused and never run out of content
  • Maximize your earnings with our deep dive estimate process


You're Not Spending Money.. You're INVESTING In Yourself! 

Are you ready to take your PDR business to the next level? The Mega Media Event is the perfect opportunity to learn a new and effective approach to your operations. With our help, you can scale your business sales more predictably than ever! This event is your chance to elevate your business and take it to new heights! Don't miss out! Register Now and get ready to change your future for the better!

$2997 Value

Professional Photo Shoot

  • Photos Shot In 50.8 Mega Pixel  - The Highest Industry Standard
  • Professional Editing And Background Removal
  • Complete Start To Finish Photoshop Design
  • Personalized With Your Logo
  •  Social Media & Website Ready


Powerful New Easy Apps

Learn apps that will help you with your Business Marketing that are sure to get your clients engaged. 

60 Sec Video Edit Mastering

Discover how to unlock the power of video editing all on your phone with everything you need to create a compelling video. 

Effective Script that works for your marketing

Whether you are on TikTok, Youtube, or Instagram Reels, learn the importance of promoting, educating, and doing it quickly.

Social Media Calendar

No more guessing how to unlock the power of being organize and how to get stuff done quicker. 

Mega Media 6.0 is on June 1-2, 2023
at Dent Time Shop, 2120 W. Mission Rd. #240
Escondido, CA 92029


  • If you've failed at organizing your business in the past, it is not your fault, we are here to help.
  • ​If you have a problem of running out of ideas for your social media posts in the past, don't worry, put those fears to rest.
  • ​Learning new things gives you anxiety. No worries, you won't feel like that after we show you how easy it is. 
  • ​Don't know a lot about video or how to promote it. It's okay, you'll be an expert in 2 days!


  • ​To help you Level Up your business and Build a Sustainable Business Growth using the Mega Media Process 
  • ​Set up a system that is Organize, Efficient and works Effectively
  • To help Increase your price per ticket and Turn prospects into Customers. 
  • ​New in business or not, we have one common Goal, we want you..."to Take Your Business to the Next Level!"

Hurry and Sign-up Now!!!


  • Didn’t know a lot about marketing
  • Video editing was challenging
  • Figured out how to systemize a PDR business
  • ​Started up new types of recon services
  •  PDR expert Innovator


  •  Business Administrator
  • Business Set Up 
  • ​Marketing & HR
  • ​Strong Customer Service and Sales skills
  • Quickbooks Expert
  • ​Business Law

What We'll Cover

  • How To.. Grow Your Brand Appropriately 
  • How To.. Use Tools that will Enhance Your Social Media Marketing
  • How To.. Learn How To Use Apps That Can Maximize Your Production And Time
  • How To.. Run, Promote And Manage Your Whole schedule By A Unique Calendar
  • How To.. Maximize Your Web Presence Without Spending A Dollar!
  • How To.. Master Text Messaging, Phone And In-Person Communication 3.0! 
  • How To.. Shoot And Edit Your Videos in a Quick Format, All From Your Phone
  • How To.. Gain More Real Reviews Easily
  • How To.. Optimize your Google Profile To It's FULLEST!
  • How To.. Communicate to your Customers and your Social Media Audience
  • How To.. Understand the complexity of Social Media Landscape 2.0
  • How To.. Turn Prospects to Customers
  • How To.. Manage the Daily Stress of Running your Business

Some People Think..

  • Social Media calendar will help you organize to motivate you to do more
  • ​I started having more ideas and using my phone left and right
  • ​I got my time back
  • ​I booked more jobs automatically
  • ​It made our business more professional
  • ​​I was able to multitask without feeling overwhelmed
  • ​I got excited about running our business again
  • ​I learned to do everything from my phone AND THEN SOME!

So who wants to take things to the next level?

Do you Want to take it to the Next Level?

When you're overwhelmed it's so easy to give up...but

Good news! 
You can learn quickly in JUST 2 DAYS and instantly you will be able to run your PDR business better. 

PLUS, we'll show you how to MAKE awesome content and videos that works for your business!


 We know the pain you're experiencing, and more importantly, we know exactly how to help you get unstuck and move forward...

We'll show you how to make an easier and faster content that's easy to follow and be able to measure your success. How?...We'll walk you STEP-BY-STEP through creating more Brand awareness by Using the Power of Social Media!

You might be thinking this is difficult because you don't know where to begin.  NO MORE Worrying, we got your back, leave the Planning to us!

 This Part Alone Is Valued At $997.00


Bryce Rockhill
Since 2003 95% of my income has been from hail. I started going after retail in central Florida in the off season In 2005. Retail has always been more of a hobby just to keep me busy when I’m home. Most weeks I do 1-5 jobs. Some weeks I don’t even fix a dent. I’ve been wanting to spend less time on the road, I average 7-9 months of traveling. After going to the event, I have nearly $3000 scheduled next week. Not one hail car. This will be my best retail week ever! 
Paul Kordon
"When I attended the Mega Media Event I was very impressed with the organization and quality of the information that was presented. Between the value of networking with other technicians and the information that Myke provided this is an event that I would consider attending every year." 
Kenny Mitchum
The education I received from the Mega Media Event surpassed my expectations by far.  Mary taught heavily on Topics such as leadership, communication, business structure, preparation, time management, and recognizing who your client base is, and also how to market to them.  They had special guest speaker come and share success secrets with us. Both Myke and Mary took the highlights of over 30 years of their experience in business and compressed it into  2 days. I highly recommend attending the Mega Media Event!
Derek Yost
If you're serious about your PDR business, then this event is for you. From learning how to run facebook ads, targeting clientele, & re targeting clientele. Myke has definitely put in his dues. It looked like they had done this event 100 times yet is was only their first one. The photos and videos turned out amazing.  There is just not enough good things I can say about this event. If you thinking about attending this event, I can tell you its well worth every penny! 


  • Learn to Elevate your Business and build Sustainable Growth for the long term (2997 Value)
  • Hands-on Master Video Editing at one of our workshops ($1657 Value)
  • Professional Action Photoshoot with Headshot and Custom Photoshop Editing ($2997 Value)
  • Social Media Secrets ($997 Value)
  • ​Marketing Strategies (priceless)
  • ​Maximize Your Insurance Claim Estimate ($$$) 
  • ​Understanding How to Create Productive Habits for Your Social Media (1197 Value)
  • ​Learn the power of Website Tools that can generate More Prospects ($899 Value)

Total Value: $10,744









"Start Getting Noticed And

DOMINATE Your Market!"

You Can't Be Mentioned If You Ain't Seen!

(It's Time to Make it Happen!)

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Wait, There's MORE!  You'll also Learn how to Optimize Your Reviews:

  Do your business Reviews need to be coming faster? Well, we have a proven Review System that has worked for us, and has helped us get more reviews without having to beg our clients.

  Our system is efficient and effective in getting real reviews because we have seen the result since we implemented it.

  All you have to do is to trust us to show it to you of how it's done.

  Remember, you do not need to worry, we'll show you our review system, and it's easy because we'll hold your hand and guide you.

 Valued At $1187

Again This Is What You're  Going to GET:

  • Mastering Short Video Story Telling ($1397 Value)
  • ​Learn to Elevate your Business and Build Sustainable Growth (2997 Value)
  • Get Proficient in Video Editing by using our preferred App ($1657 Value)
  • Badass Professional Photo Action Shoot with Headshot and Custom Photoshop Editing ($2997 Value)
  • Social Media Calendar Secrets ($997 Value)
  • ​Marketing Strategies (Priceless)
  • ​Maximize Your Insurance Claim Estimate ($$$)
  • ​Understanding Social Media Landscape 2.0 (3000 Value)
  • ​Marketing Tools that your Website Needs ($2763 Value)
  • ​Learning How to Organize Your Social Media  ($1197 Value)

Total Value: $17,005
Over $21,946 Regular Price

If All It Did Was..

Now, obviously we're Not going to charge you $17,005. 

But if we did charge you $17,005 and all we did was show you exactly how to run most of your Pdr business from your phone, save you miserable time, would it be worth it for you?

If all this system was to help you set up your PDR business without being held hostage by yourself or a tech guy, would it be worth $17,005?

If all we did was show you how to do it yourself, even if you're not technical, would it be 
worth $17,005?

We Had 2 Choices..

  • Make It Cheap
  • ​Make it Valuable
  • ​We did Both!
  • Make it Cheap
  • Make It Valuable

We're giving you a Special Discount Today because We want you to Make it to this Event.  We want your Business to Succeed, You Don't Want you to Miss this.  It's too good to pass up! 


  • We have the PDR Business Systems and Mega Marketing Package
  • You're Not going to pay $17,005 Value
  • You're Not going to pay $21,946 Regular Price

"Stop Procrastinating And

Think Smarter and Join Us!"

A Two-Day Event You Can't Afford To Pass Up!

(Think BIG and Make it Happen!)

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Mega Media Event 6.0 guarantee will work for you because it works for us.  We've been in business for 20+ years, and we're still going strong. We Not only have 1 business, but we have 3 businesses that we are simultaneously managing!  That speaks volumes. 

The Real Question is...

Keep the Opportunity from Slipping Away when presented in front of you to attend MME 6.0 that could profoundly impact your personal and business life. 

The Distinction between a business owner and a successful one lies in their Choices. Make the Right Choice and you'll reap the rewards. Take charge of your life, your business, and seize the Opportunity to Achieve Success!

As A Bonus Attending MME 6.0!  A Once In a Lifetime Workshop Class from Stanliner Tools at our Event

Get ready for an exclusive opportunity to see Stanliner Tools in action! Stanliner Tools will offer a personal presentation and demonstration of their Unique PDR Tools and Techniques, giving you an Up-Close-and-Personal look at how they can transform your repairs and take them to the next level.

With their innovative tools and techniques, you'll be blown away by how much cleaner and better your repairs will become. Plus, you'll have the chance to see limited edition tools you won't find anywhere else.

And if that's not enough,...Stanliner Tools will have their tools for sale with them, so you can take home the tools you need to improve your repairs and transform your business.

What are you waiting for? Register Now! We have an All-Star team Presenting Top Notch Presentations and Exclusive Training you won't get anywhere else. 

Value: Priceless

Get Started Now


  • Mastering Phone Systems And Set Up ($2397 Value)
  • ​Learn to Elevate your Business and Build Sustainable Growth (2997 Value)
  • Master Video Editing On App. ($1657 Value)
  • Professional Photo Action Shoot With Head Shot And Custom Photoshopped Editing ($2997 Value)
  • ​Learning How to Organize Your Social Media ($1197 Value)
  • Social Media Secrets and Agenda Ideas (Priceless)
  • ​Marketing Strategies (Priceless)
  • ​Understanding Social Media Landscape 2.0 (3000 Value)
  • ​Maximizing Your Insurance Claims Estimate with Dent Ops ($$$)
  • ​Understanding Your Audience and Platforms (Priceless)
  • ​Social Media Calendar Secrets ($997 Value)
  • ​Systemizing your business operation and customer conversion ($1975 Value)
  • ​Review System ($1187 Value)
  • ​Marketing Tools that your Website Needs ($2763 Value)
  • ​Website Overview and What Makes It More Powerfull in 2023
  • ​The Importance and Secrets of Blog Posting (779 Value)

Total Value: $21,946

If you're still on the fence about signing up, I understand that it can seem like a daunting task to learn everything you need to know to run a successful business. But don't worry, we have designed the MME 6.0 to be easy to follow, even if you're starting from scratch.

We'll be with you every step of the way, providing templates and shortcuts that will make the process a breeze. At the end of our event, you'll have the tools and knowledge you need to manage your business, marketing, social media, and editing with confidence.

Don't hesitate and worry about the cost in leveling up your business because "You have to spend Money to Make More Money". 

This is an investment to help your business grow and build a scalable for long-term growth. 

Speaking from our own experience, we invested over $70,000 in education and the process itself, But there is No Price on KNOWLEDGE that works for yourself and the business you own.  Think of it as an Investment in Yourself and your Business, and trust us when we say that the payoff is more than worth it. 

Don't let cost be the barrier that prevents you from achieving your goals and taking your business to the next level.

Mega Media Event 6.0 on June 1-2 and Dent Meetup on June 3 
@ Dent Time: 2120 W. Mission Rd. #240 
Escondido, CA 92029

"Stop Procrastinating And

Think Big, Join US!

A 2 Day Event You Can't Afford To Pass Up!

(Think BIG and Make it Happen!)

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